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Download The Tutu Helper For Android and iOS in just one click; TutuHelper is the only app store that gives you the premium apps like Spotify premium, YouTube++, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Pokemon mod, MX Player Pro APK mod B612 camera app full feature, pro VPN, Minicraft MOD and Much more for free.

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tutu helper

As we all know, smartphones in our pockets are mini-computers, they can do a lot of useful and entertaining stuff, But good software costs a lot of money and almost unable to afford by all.

Let me share with you an app that carries a lot of premium stuff for free and has a lot of Moded Apps. Yes, I am talking about the tutu apps store.

Tutu Helper VIP

So who do not want to get the apps for free and also a lot of extra features in their apps as compared to the apps present in the Play Store the App store? Tutu application is the solution for that.
You can get Tutu helper VIP, Tutuapp APK and Tutu helper, the tutu app, and tutu app VIP for iOS from here.

The Tutuapp allows you to get all these apps in your smartphone in a matter of clicks. So still you are waiting to Go to the Page and get the app store for free for Lifetime?

Whether it is android or iPhone or iPad, The Tutu app is getting famous like fire in the forest because of its limitless features, and why not? Who doesn’t want a bunch of tweaks and premium apps for free?

Enough talk now let’s take a look at the top apps of The Tutuapp that are famous enough to make this store memorable.

Download Table Tutu App Direct Links

AndroidQuick Link
iPhone iPad iOS Quick Link
Tutu app PCQuick Link
Tutu app MACQuick Link

Tutu Helper free

The Tutu Helper app is a Free and very well known Store for Free apps that costs you a lot of money in Playstore or Appstore. It comes for both Android phones and iPhones.

The New update of tutu app VIP free comes with a lot of new features and all the major bug fixes, but if you still notice any bug Contact us.

Features of The Tutuapp

Following are some outstanding features of the Tutu app

  • In-app purchases: It has all the apps with in-app purchases. So there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on in-app purchases that should be free. RIGHT BOY!
  • MODS: The Tutuapp has Moded version of apps so that you can enjoy your apps beyond the limits.
  • Light in weight: Very lightweight and uses very little battery. As you all know, the stores in our phones drain a lot of battery and also uses a lot of RAM, so from now you don’t have to worry about battery and space.
  • Premium Apps: It has all the premium apps off the app store and plays store. With the tutu app, you can have all your favorite premium apps absolutely for free in your pocket.

All in one chart of Tutu Helper

The tutu helper app Chart

Is The Tutu Helper Useful?

If you got a spark of trying new apps, and if you don’t want to pay for premium Apps in the android play store or Apple App store, then it is highly recommended for you to Have this great app store in your smartphone and try unlimited possibilities with it.

If you have some More Question about TutuHelper, Please Check out the FAQ section.

Extra Features

The tutu helper app got Two very significant features that you gonna love a lot.

  • Light in Size But With the speed of Light: Tutu Helper is only a 17 MB File, and it is a lot less than the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. Moreover, it runs with blasting speed, and no crashes at all.
  • In-App Cache Cleaner: Yes you got it right, It not only provides you with Your favourite apps but also gives you the control of the cache memory once you install the apps.

Screenshots of Latest Tutu Android

The Tutu Helper Video

Tutu Helper no jailbreak

Tutu Helper iOS

Don’t be sad if you have an iOS-based smartphone. In my opinion, iOS is the best software interference a smartphone can get. We also have a solution for you. You can also get a tutu app iPhone. Just follow the below instructions to get the Tulu app ios in your iOS-based smartphone. Here is the process to get the Tutuhelper ios and tutu app download ios.

  • How to get Tutu Helper iOS
  • open safari on your device.
  • Get the tutu app ios
  • Now you are good to go.
  • Open the app from the home screen.
  • Congratulations buddy! Welcome to the squad.
Software NameTuTuApp
Operating SystemiOS
App size 18.12 MB
Category typeFree

How to get the Tutuapp(2020) In Android? [No Root]

tutu helper apk

Tutu Helper Android

You must have used a lot of smartphone app stores, but tutu helper for android is the finest among them.
Android is the most used OS for a smartphone in the world, and it is indeed an OS with amazing possibilities. So if you have an android based smartphone, Follow the below-mentioned process. Download tutu APK first and follow the instruction below.

1: Go in settings and turn on the Unknown sources.
2: Open the App, and here you go, All the apps and games are in front of you in a beautiful interference. You will see the UI as shown in screenshots above. tutu app android 2020 and tutu wap VIP

So, view the detail table of tutu VIP android and Download from the button below the table, and enjoy tutu APK VIP free.

TuTuApp Android

Software NameTuTuApp
Operating SystemAndroid
App size 20.79 MB
Category typeFree

Tutu App VIP

The Tutu App VIP offers you to download tweaks, mods, premium apps for free. In Tutu App free version have to see an advertisement. Tutu App VIP is an ads-free version. You have to some bucks, but if you didn’t want to pay you can try the free version of that app.

Tutu Helper PC

Tutu helper Mac

The Tutuapp is a store for smartphones, but if you like to play games on PC, you can have TuTu helper free Jul 2019 – Sep 2019 (3 Months) Worldwide app on PC/MAC. A side advantage of having TutuHelper on PC/MAC is that you get a lot of extra power to your games and great storage for your MODS of apps. Just follow the following procedure to get the Tutu Helper on PC/MAC.

  • First of all, you need to get an android emulator for your machine.
  • We will recommend you to get Bluestacks for free.
  • For Bluestacks for Windows PC Visit the link.
  • For Mac, systems  Bluestacks Player visits the link.
  • Now you have to have the setup ho Tutu Helper and then you will Good to go.

Bluestacks for Windows PC Video

Install Bluestacks on PC to run TuTuApp

Install Bluestacks on Mac Video

To TuTu app on Mac, you need to install Bluestacts first

Tutuapp Vs. TutuHelper APK

The tutu app download APK and TutuHelper are pretty the same apps, but the main difference lies between them is that TutuHelper is for both Android and iOS devices, but the tutu app APK is solely for Android devices. There is no fundamental difference between the two apps in functionality and the number of apps.
As we know that Android apps are way different than iOS apps, but thanks to TutuHelper that it covers the apps for both Android and iOS.

Apps Like TutuHelper

There are many app stores available for iOS (iPhone or iPad) on the internet but Tutu helper (tutuapp) is the most famous app store for iOS. Here is we are sharing without you a few app stores that available for iOS without jailbreak.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tutuapp?

The Tutuapp is a third-party app store both for Android and iOS that gives a lot of paid apps and mods for free. You just have to download the Tutu Helper app apk from http://thetutuhelperapp.com/

Is Tutuapp safe?

Tutuapp is safe, but apps on the tutu app may not be secure because most of the apps are third-party apps and are mods manually by coders, not the original developers. Be careful while giving the manual permissions to the apps downloaded by the Tutuapp. You can always limit the number of grants for the sake of your security.

How do I trust an app?

The apps should be verified by Google play protect and should be scanned by any virus scanner. Moreover, you should be aware of the permissions you are giving to an app.

What is TutuApp used for?

Tutuapp is an android and ios app store that is used for Premium apps and some mods that are not available on the Google Play store. You can see take a look at the  Top Apps of TutuApp

How do I download tutuapp on android?

You can download the tutu app on Android free, our site https://thetutuhelperapp.com

Does TutuApp give you a virus?

Tutuapp is not a virus; It is safe as it is a third-party app, so sometimes the phone detects it as a virus. Just allow, and you are good to go.

Is the tutuapp legal?

Tutu app is full of tweaks, mods, and 3rd-party apps games, which is hosted on some unknown source. We are using that app from but never face any issue.



That’s pretty much it. We have covered almost all the details about the TutuHelper app. Now, if you have read all the above information, you will come to know that the Tutu Helper app is a great way to get premium apps for free and also with a lot of features that have endless possibilities to discover the power of your smartphone for Free. So get this tutu helper download and tutu app VIP free.

In the case, if you missed it Click the features to Know the Features of the Tutuapp. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family so they can also enjoy the benefits if the Tutu app on their Android and iPhone or iPad with ease. We did not share pirated content.

If you want details installing tutu app and tutu helper for ios click here and fill storage space with app installer Tulu app ios free.

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