Best Features of Microsoft Teams – free for personal use

As part of the Office 365 management suite, Microsoft Teams released in November 2016, teams are a working environment, free for personal use, that combines conversation, speech, video, and file sharing between Microsoft people. It is built for local, remote, and scattered groups of work for everybody in every business!

After its first launch, Microsoft has continuously updated teams. During 2020 and 2021, several new features were introduced with demand for robust tools for teamwork bursting. After a decent sales flow, the slack stock begins to lose value, and analysts quote the decrease from Microsoft teams. Microsoft Teams crashed over Slack of 13 million people a day in July 2019, with Microsoft Teams 75,000,000 active users a day in April 2020. Also, Microsoft teams pricing has made it more unique than other platforms.

Several conversations or chat rooms within a Microsoft people team and conversations are conducted, flow from top to bottom and remind users of updates to help make chats easy to follow. If you need a face-to-face discussion with other members on the channel, you will go right to your voice or video chat. In a monthly community Microsoft Team video call, the number of members is now up to 250.

Features of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a permanent chat-based teamwork network for text sharing, video meetings, and many other highly useful features. In an ideal team space, strategic choices can be taken and interact with each other. This is made much simpler by shared workplace apps, especially if a single team is in a large organization. Microsoft teams installed itself has several remote staff or is comprised of a large team of members.

Here is the list of the various and best features of Microsoft Teams that make it unique from other similar types of platforms:

  • Teams and Channels

It would help if you had a team to launch your teamwork. Team setup can be made fast and easily with a few taps, including a team name and a summary. The team will build, as discussed above, a corresponding Office 365 Group, OneNote, SharePoint, and Plan, which should also be carried out carefully.

Each team consists of subsections called channels, and immediately a general channel is formed. You can have several channels in a team, for example, a marketing team, and then channels such as social media, product launch, and forums. You can have several channels within a team. Or an organization may be a team with departmental channels, and you should choose what fits the way the company works. The channel gets bold if there is a new notice or action.

  • Teams Conversation

Conversations are among the core features of the teams that allow each team to have a centralized and conveniently searchable conversation. The key part of all collaboration, including file sharing, and video calls, is conversations.

  • Notes Sharing on Teams

You will be taken to the OneNote team. You can access and update your OneNote inside the teams directly from the team window or click on the OneNote app to edit.

  • Crating a team in Microsoft Teams

A very common question arises about teams: how to create a team in Microsoft teams? You can build a team in the desktop application Microsoft Teams or the web app in the same steps. Start by pressing Join or Create a Team on the Teams tab to the left. Click on the button Build Team.  In the top right corner, you can use the search teams area to locate teams you and your organization may already have established.

Choose Build a Team from Scratch to develop a new team. If you have current Office 365 teams or classes, click on the ‘Create From’ example and pick the team/group for this new team. To limit who is eligible to enter or see this team, choose Private.  To check and join this team, if you want someone in the organization, select Public.

Type a Team Name for this team. Additional detail about the team can also be filled in in the Description area. Later you can still change the team’s name and definition by selecting Edit Team by pressing the three horizontal points next to the team. After going through this process, you would have answered how to create a team in Microsoft teams?

  • Files Sharing on Teams

You can do many tasks directly in this browser or window in your Teams window without clicking between various programs. These activities include the ability to uninstall, import, pass, open, copy, update, or share a connection with others, providing all the core functionality of the native apps.

  • Free for personal use

Microsoft Teams are unbelievably easy to use, and it is free for personal use. There is little or no configuration necessary. Nevertheless, some thinking should be done on how an organization needs to use it before it is carried out. If you want to enjoy its extra features, then Microsoft teams pricing is very low, and you can easily manage it.

Though the full functionality of dialing wasn’t initially usable, Microsoft teams now support call history, retention/resumption, speed dial, switch, transmission, caller identification masking, extension dialing, call handling, simultaneous ringing, and voicemail. These functionalities have made it easy and free for personal use.

  • Microsoft Teams pricing

You will experience video conferences and teamwork capabilities for the free edition of Microsoft Teams. But you would want to pick one of the paying levels if you need more features than what you are likely to enjoy. There is a restriction on how many free users you can get, including open chat and browse, online meetings, video calls, screen sharing, and in real-time with Office.

The capabilities and services you can pay for Microsoft Teams vary according to how many Microsoft people you have access to the system. The cheapest version is affordable, with Microsoft teams pricing of about $20 per user per month, the most expensive alternative.

  • Adding Tabs on Microsoft Teams

You can add your own, like the Planner, Excel Tabs, Word papers, Power BI dashboards, and more, as well as these three automated tabs. Now Microsoft products can quickly be introduced, but many upcoming integrations, such as Asana integration, are still available to teams. For systems automation that is so important to collaboration, we should expect a lot more collaborating and development.

  • Easy Installation of Microsoft Teams

It is very easy to install teams on your device, either on your mobile phone or computer/laptop. You can have Microsoft teams installed themselves when you install Microsoft office into your computer. If Microsoft teams installed itself are not available to your device, and you can easily download and install it from Microsoft’s original website.


Microsoft Teams now has a strong offer with several new features and inclusions. Some of its features, like free for personal use and Microsoft teams installed themselves make it more unique and powerful than other similar platforms. Also, Microsoft people will get different offers if they know how to create a team in Microsoft teams. Microsoft teams have a straightforward input program, and the most common suggested recommendations can be seen.

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