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Instagram, which Facebook acquired in 2012, has become part of everyday life with over a trillion registered users. Today seems to be on Instagram, from small to large businesses, news agencies, and cultural organizations, famous people, photographers, and performers. Instagram has gained popularity because of its user-friendly features like Instagram camera, engagement posts, add to Instagram stories, etc.

There is a lot of features of Instagram we can talk about, but let’s have some discussion about the best and more appealing quality of Instagram, which is the Instagram camera:

Instagram Camera

Instagram Camera can now learn from you while using it and adapt its menu to you, making it easy to use your favorite tools. Instagram carries out a new update that makes navigation for its camera even more accessible and personalized. There is a lot of features of the Instagram camera, and some of them are listed here:

  • Clearer Navigation: Instagram has now made switching between story creation and live creation very simple. Previously, “Live” was just one choice in Instagram Stories among the many resources you can use. The update defines explicitly ‘Story’ and ‘Live’ and will require you to swipe from one screen to another.
  • Tools for easier access: Instagram Camera now learning from you and customizing the menu to your needs – making it easy to use your favorite devices. The upgrade would also complete access to popular tools simpler. A new scroll menu achieves this to the left of the screen. You can choose between Boomerang, creating, designing, and other artistic instruments. Besides, filters can also be used across interactive resources with a menu at the bottom of the display.
  • Menu customized: You can learn how to use the Instagram Camera to recognize the resources you use the most and to classify them accordingly, so you can access it more efficiently and more quickly.
  • Instagram Camera gif: This is the most exciting and fun factor of the Instagram camera. You can now create your gif using an Instagram camera and can upload it anywhere you want.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is an Instagram platform application that enables you to engage with your followers in slideshow style using images, pictures, text, sketches, and music. When stories are uploaded, they can be seen for a total of 24 hours in chronological order.

Unlike standard Instagram feeds, and Instagram Story can be used to add charm to your photographs and videos using stickers, emoji, text overlays, and virtual reality filters. IG Stories are perfect for sharing more personal material that your Instagram feed might hesitate to bring into.

  • Add to Instagram Story

Insta Stories is super easy to post — and reality is very addictive. There are several items to be remembered about your postings, including your image format, your video length, and personalization that will increase the excitement and unity of your IG stories. You must tape the camera image at the top left corner of the screen to make a story on Instagram, or you can swipe to the left to show the story cameras.

You can take a photograph or film a video like you usually on Instagram after your story camera is open. You will use many filters and then apply text and graphics to your content after shooting a video or taking a picture.

There is a great Instagram history feature to import content from your mobile camera roll within the past 24 hours. To do this, swipe your story cameras up, and you’ll see the new content on your phone at the right. Only pick the material that you want to add to your story from here.

  • How long are Instagram stories?

If posted, Instagram stories are shown 24 hours, so you can post them as much as you want all day long. Video clips per clip shall be limited to 15 seconds. You can film longer videos, but Instagram splits them into 15-second clips automatically. Each clip can be edited separately, stickers and text can be added and post in IG history.

  • Can you see who viewed your story?

You will see if anyone saw your Instagram story, but not how many times it was caught. You can see how much your IG Story has been seen but not how often you have a single person’s view of it while on an Instagram business account.

  • Can you see who viewed your Instagram video?

Instagram shows how much you view your videos. You can see a number below a video that indicates the number at least three seconds after seeing the video. Video loops don’t count. You still get credit for one view if anyone watches the loop 1000 times.

  • Can You hide an Instagram story from someone?

You should hide your story from them if you don’t want anyone to read your story. To view your profile, tap the profile icon in the bottom right of the Instagram screen > >Settings >Privacy>Hidden Story From > Tap 3 lines in the top-right Tap 3 lines. Choose the people from which the story should be hidden.

  • Can you see someone’s hidden Instagram story?

Your IG Story or someone else’s visibility depends on your account’s privacy settings. Generally, only your friends can see your Instagram stories if your Instagram account is set to secret. You will see your story when your account is set up for public purposes. You can share this story only with Close Friends when you share your Instagram story. This story is only made available to anyone you want. You may even conceal from certain people your story.

Other Features:

Instagram also has many other features like Instagram photos, its live camera, and its groups. Instagram groups have very popular among people, and they crawl around these groups to have fun. Moreover, the chat option makes it more attractive to users. Best Calling and video calling option also adds to its features which makes it more unique. There is a lot of other components of it, which makes it different from others. These features are the reason for the popularity of Instagram.


Instagram is very popular among people, and they are having fun with this app. Its engagement posts and the Instagram camera make it unique from others. Add to the Instagram story is also a plus to its prominent features. Also, its privacy setup makes it different from another platform like this.

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