Top 8 Mobile Cricket Games for 2021

The lack of commitment in the sport’s video games also leaves cricket fans disappointed. Though cricket is one of the world’s most famous sports, game developers have not always wanted to make cricket art pieces. If you like cricket and have a pandemic and miss it, you can play video cricket games in the warmth of your house.

Cricket games are the ultimate platform for competing internationally. The players follow their wishes. There were few stable series of gamers to trust year after year. Fans had to wait for prolonged droughts in between tournaments.

Though the WBBL and BBL have maybe ended, cricket is very much talking at the moment with the Ashes on the horizon alongside the World Cup and with the upcoming returns of Smith and Warner, and the best way to begin this dialogue is by examining the past of sport in digital form.

Since the beginning of video gaming, there are six hundred cricket games. The consistency is as good or as bad as the current batting line-up of the Australian cricket team, but some true stars of the game are up and running. You can play with the teams and players you need. Here are a few PC games you can try to have fun and enjoy the cricket sport.

  1. Big Bash Boom

Big Bash Boom is a great video cricket game played by video game enthusiasts. Big Bash Boom has a fascinating play style at number one. The game features bobblehead players. The game has a distinct arcade feel, and gameplay is much less practical and fast-paced with enjoyable animations than other cricket games. The game features many great graphics, like blazing paths to a great hit. The game is fundamental and can be played on any modern console such as Xbox, PC, and PS4.

  1. Ashes Cricket 2017

In 2017 this mobile cricket game was launched as an allusion to the series Ashes Cricket between the UK and Australia in 2017-2018. You will play the authorized Australian and English men’s or women’s cricket team. You can configure, build, or edit teams from other countries if you choose to play with couples.

Ashes Cricket is famous for the fantastic graphics, which provide all its players with a believable gaming experience. It is possible to try a variety of game styles. Then, take the ball in your hand as James Anderson does, or open the innings as David Warner.

  1. Brian Lara International Cricket

Brian Lara International Cricket used the pick-up and play aspect. It’s a game that could be enjoyed even by guests without cricket. It was a new cricket game at that time. Brian Lara International Cricket, whose names in Australia and India were Ricky Ponting and Yuvraj Singh, had a Classic XI that had some of the greatest of the world. It had its shortcomings as a precise simulation, but it was as high a pure friendly sports game.

  1. International Test Cricket

You can pick this if you are looking for a game mainly focused on managing a team. If you do well in International Test Cricket, make sure your brain cells are functioning. Start with a rock-solid squad and face your rivals with courage. You can also monitor the game scores and make changes according to the needs. Please don’t be too long to decide, as the course of the game will change, and it is the best cricket game at any level.

  1. Tabletop Cricket

All cricket lovers enjoy cricket, and the game is also one of the greatest video cricket games ever. Tabletop Cricket gives it this place because it has a lot of game types to play with. The game has a solo and a multiplayer mode in which players can compete against each other in several cricket game modes. The game is world-tour style, with several different nations, countries, and players competing for the championship, while players play up to 60 cricket matches. It’s fun to play with, and players boast of good gameplay in this series.

  1. Don Bradman Cricket

The first attempt at mobile cricket game at Big Ant Studio has been a success. Don Bradman Cricket 14 was regarded by many as the best cricket game ever with unfriendly menus and the most critical subject. License shortcomings are regrettable, but players can find a way around it by uploading their teams or players. This is not a complete option, even though it does the job because when the gameplay is as intense as this, licenses are not the end of the universe.

  1. Cricket revolution

It supports both one and online modes, the best aspect of the game. You can play this game online or over the Local Network with your buddies. This was a new cricket game that has both online and offline features. You can review the bowling mechanics of the game if you like bowling, as there are several variants for a specific ball. The player is easy to play, and tracking your scores in the game is also easy.

  1. Cricket Captain 2019

Another brilliant cricket game that the players like computer games are Cricket Captain 2019. Cricket Captain 2019 is a game with several various outlets at number four on the chart. It has beautiful features, including a collection of thousands of cricket players and many teams worldwide. Even historical players will join computer gamers with historical players in creating all kinds of cricket games and scenarios. The game has no best visuals yet remains one of the best cricket games ever.


The cricket game has become the most popular game in the past few years. Cricket fans are always curious about the new cricket games. There is a lot of people who are playing mobile cricket game either online or offline. Those who cannot play cricket due to some disabilities are playing best cricket games in soft form. Hence, mobile cricket has overcome the tension of many cricket lovers about playing cricket.

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