Create PDF Files With Word to PDF Converter

You can convert multiple word documents to PDF using a great free Word to PDF Converter while maintaining the original formatting.

PDFs or downloadable text files were designed to make it easy to edit or modify documents between various computers and software applications. These documents are easy to upload and print, but they are difficult to edit even without specialized tools.

Wordpad to PDF converters is a precious part of any work situation. As the PDF format became widespread, compatibility with the leading application Microsoft Word change behavior. Fortunately, several reliable Word PDF converters were created, and the top free ones were checked in one location to collect the best.

Here we made a list of the best and most reliable Word to PDF converter. The plan has the best and the best-reviewed apps that would convert multiple word documents to pdf your word files to the PDF format very comfortably without changing their original structure or shapes. Here is the list of the Wordpad to PDF converter:

PDF Conversion Suite

This software uses various paper formats to construct PDF or multipage TIFF. It immediately and effectively transforms PDF to Word (Docx) document. To get the conversion process started, you need to choose an appropriate action and the source document. It also enables you to save word as PDF.

A minimum user application permission for the PDF Conversion Suite is needed. To meet these requirements, the platform uses applications that are already in confidence from third parties like G-Drive, Dropbox, and others. PDF Conversion Suite currently supports PDF, Excel cards, emails, general images (such as BMP, JPEG, JPG, AVS), and PowerPoint slides and webpages.


  • It enables you to transform Word documents into PDF documents.
  • You should not have regular requests for permissions on the PDF Conversion Suite.
  • It supports several different formats such as PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. (like JPG, BMP, JPEG, AVS, and others)


  • It does not permit you to recover the file locally when converting Word documents to PDF because if you do not copy the file to the server, PDF Conversion Software eliminates the file.

Wondershare PDFElement

You can construct, convert, update and even sign PDF documents with this Free Word to PDF Converter. It operates on Windows and Mac with full-featured Word-like MS and PDF processors, allowing you to have more control over your papers, text and images. Anywhere in the document, you can insert notes, have someone else check, sign, and quickly exchange the text with associates.

This software also featured some unique advanced features. For instance, you can secure particular parts of your document to allow only those recipients with the necessary permission to access this information and download an iOS and Android application for on-going PDF conversion. It allows you to save word document as pdf.


  • Wondershare PDFElement allows you to convert multiple word documents to PDF (like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.
  • It will convert pictures to PDF formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, etc.
  • The method facilitates the editing of XML documents by converting them back to PDF and Text documents.


  • The WonderShare PDFElement Android application cannot select or alter the storage/output folder since the software has no menu setup.


SodaPDF has a range of applicable methods, including merging and compressing PDFs and, of course, transforming PDFs to Word, which are usable for all types of applications. It can also be used offline for its downloadable edition, but it is primarily available as an online application service. This can convert batch files to superior quality files of any formate. It also allows you to save word document as a PDF which makes it unique from others.

One of the advantages of SodaPDF is that converted files are removed within 24 hours from your web servers, making this the option for privacy-related people. SodaPDF is only accessible in selected languages, unlike other converts such as OnlineOCR. The SodaPDF can differ for those who deal with non-Latins or other special characters. Moreover, the feature like save word as pdf makes it more unique than others.


  • SodaPDF supports the bulk converting of files of any format.
  • Its offline version allows you to download the converted files for offline use of those files.
  • Besides converting to PDF format, it allows you to edit the PDF files too.


  • SodaPDF only supports a range of languages. It cannot convert the text of any speech that does not fall in its domain of languages.

Free PDFConverter

One of the easiest and cleanest online converters available is FreePDFconverter. Free of disruptive and distracting ads, FreePDFconverter is sleek and user-friendly. FreePDFconverter is known for its loyal consumer base’s stability, with more than ten million customers getting far more successful conversions. And, its more affordable feature save word document as pdf makes it unique.

FreePDFconverter can help you edit your PDF documents through the split, compression, deformation, and removal of unneeded pages with various PDF-enabled tools. Although these methods are excellent for PDF editing, the converter does not mention languages other than English because it cannot be optimized to identify an optical character.


  • Its supports PDF editing as well as conversion too.
  • Free PDFConverter is very user-friendly and has a unique design that attracts the users towards further conversions.
  • It allows to save word as pdf which makes it different from others.


  • Free PDFConverter cannot convert more than two pages. For converting more pages, you would have to buy its premium version.


OfficeSuite lets you quickly access, edit and generate documents for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. It enables you to manage specialized PDF operations, including conversion to Word PDF, spell checking, etc. The Office Suite is the most downloaded office app on the Play Store and is installed on over 200 million smartphones and tablets in more than 195 countries worldwide. It has received several distinctions and awards such as Google Play Editors’ Choice, The Best Smartphone Office Software for Lifehacker, etc.

OfficeSuite enables cloud storage sharing, including Google Drive, OneDrive, OfficeSuite Drive, Box, DropBox, Amazon Cloud Drive, email, and Bluetooth. You will use Apple Pages and keynote software for the conversion and opening of documents.


  • It is excellent for opening several documents and operating with the drag-and-drop option on two screen-split documents at once (available for Android 7.0 & above)
  • Through its familiar user interface, OfficeSuite can help you access, build and delete complicated office documents.
  • This software adds PDF to word document which is one of the best features of its.


  • A few app panel functions were unusable in the latest update, such as sum.


  • Is Word to PDF conversion safe?

Google Docs offers a safer and responsible way to convert your Word Documents to PDF. This is a two-step method in which you would first convert this file into a Google Docs file and then convert it to PDF, which is likely to lead you to miss some formatting.

  • Is there any free PDF Converter?

Yes, there is a lot of word to PDF converter apps available in the app store. You can download their APK files from any browser to use their premium features.


Conversion of your important documents into your desired form can be a challenge for you. Wordpad to PDF converter can overcome this problem with its tremendous features. It can convert your documents without changing the original form of your documents.

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