Top Apps of Tutu Helper

Top Apps of Tutu Helper App


YouTube  ++


Now enjoy live stream without ads The tutu Helper app brings an app call YouTube+ +. This app is specially designed for those who want free YouTube flow without ads .in this you can enjoy an ads-free stream from YouTube without purchasing subscription download from the tutu helper app.

Clash of Clans MOD

Clash of Clans Mod


Unlimited Gold/Gems: Clash of Clans a popular and trending online game and It is usually difficult to modify the online games, But with Tutu Helper, you can get the COC MOD that comes with Unlimited Gold and Gems. So from now play your favorite game without any hazel or purchasing gold or gems. You can get this from The tutu helper app Store.

Subway Surfers MOD Apk

Subway Surfers Mod APK


1: Unlimited Money: Whenever I used to play subway surfers the lack of money irritated me a lot, but now with TutuHelper it is no more, You will get unlimited money to buy all the features in-game for free.

2: All places unlocked: With a great game like subway surfers, there are always great new places, and many features are available. But they are activated on competing different levels and using in-app purchases, but with the tutu app, this problem is no more because you will get all of the features unlocked for free — so no need to make in-app purchases from now.

iOS Hack for Pokemon GO

The Tutu helper is one of the most famous stores for Mods and Premium apps for Free. And a regular gamer knows that Pokemon Go is one of the most exciting games that landed on smartphones. But there is a problem that we have to walk and go here and there to play this game, but not from now. Developers have made Tutu App Pokemon Go that has pretty much more features than the regular Pokemon Go game.

 ios hack for Pokemon GO


  • The Tutu Helper is one of the most famous stores for the Tutu app Pokemon Go version gives you a lot of feasibility as compared to the regular version of Pokemon Go that you find in a regular store.
  • Tutu app Pokemon Go comes with a custom build Toolbar, that lets you control the primary features of your smartphone on the go while you are.
  • This version of the game is available for every device, and this means you just have to get the app, and you are on the way to play this all-time famous game.

Spotify Premium

 Spotify Premium tutu helper


  • HD downloads: With Spotify premium, you can download and listen to HD songs on the go, and you guessed it right absolutely for free.
  • Ads free. Spotify premium comes with zero ads. Who likes ads while enjoying music? So now no need to pay for ads-free version, you will get from The tutu Helper for free.
  • Unlimited Access. Spotify Premium gives you unlimited access to the millions of Songs Out there, So now you can enjoy your desired songs without any restriction with The tutu app Spotify premium.

Grand Theft Auto MOD

 Grand Theft Auto MOds

Game Description

The continuation of one of the most popular action franchises. This time the plot of the game unfolds around a young man carl johnson, who several years ago left his city called Los Santos. But in the early 90ies the mother of the protagonist was killed, the brother and sister quarreled, and all friends conduct a criminal way of life . to somehow short out the situation, our hero returns to his native land .game mechanisms is build in the best tradition of the series and genre, and the graphics component is not inferior to desktop platform.


The discussion of a game is waste without going over its features and characteristics, the wonderful game of the GTA series has loads of features that attract a user.

GTA series has always been one of the top franchises in terms of the game providing some of the best games of the series. San Andreas, one of the famous GTA games, is sure a game with exciting features giving you real-world like experience filled with action and many other features.

  • You can even run it on various platforms, thus adding to another feature of the game.
  • Also supporting a bunch of language GTA San Andrea’s makes it more interactive and user-friendly.
  • Dual stick controls provide you with better controlling of the character and camera movements.
  • With its amazing quality of graphics and detailing the game is sure to seek the attention of the user, for long.
  • Graphics can also be adjusted according to the requirements and the capacity of the device.

Minecraft mod


The game Minecraft doesn’t require any kind of introduction. Utilizing blocks, you require building different things in the game through which you have to ensure your survival. You must know that initially, the development of Minecraft was solely for Windows.

However, as the popularity of the game rose up, the developers launched a Pocket Edition for Android and iOS smartphones. But, you cannot download the Minecraft PE for free on your smartphone as it comes under the category of paid applications.

Nevertheless, in the world of technology, nothing is impossible. Realizing that there must be a free version of Minecraft, individual developers came around and launched a modded Minecraft MOD PE that you can download, install, and play for free. So tu tu app downloads now for android and tutuapp download ios for free.

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